One Year Later, Marvel Fans Are Convinced Disney Plus Has Already Planted The Seeds For The MCU’s Doctor Doom

Image via Marvel Comics

We still have two years to wait for Marvel Fantastic Four reboot hits theaters, but mcu Detectives remain convinced that Reed Richards’ worst enemy has been lurking around the franchise for the past year. It just so happens that a Disney Plus series that premiered exactly 12 months ago at the time of writing, may have visited Motherland doctor doom she herself. But although the studio hasn’t yet followed up on this flirtation, people are convinced that Victor Von Doom’s country is hiding in plain sight.

Yep, as those with long memories for Marvel release dates will know, the Disney Plus series in question is Moon Knight, In the premiere episode, Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant first learns about his alter ego Marc Spector when he awakens from a blackout in the middle of a Bavarian-style village. The location of the village in question is never specified on screen, leading to endless speculation that it could actually be Latvia, the small Eastern European country ruled by a wizard scientist supervillain.

Redditor u/FirstV1 spoke for all when they took to the r/MCUTheories sub to share “I can’t stop thinking about how Latvia must have been teased [Moon Knight],

considering that falcon and winter soldier Twisted Madripoor – a location linked to the X-Men comics – in the MCU, it’s actually not that far-fetched Moon Knight Could have done the same for Latvia. Even if it wasn’t the shoemakers’ intention, though, the beauty of the MCU is that sometimes fan theories can be so persuasive that they become canon in retrospect. Just Look at Peter Parker’s “Cameo” iron Man 2,

who knows, maybe apocalypse will reveal itself Moon Knight Season two, if that ever materializes. that’s all we can say for now Fantastic Four is scheduled for release on February 14, 2025.

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