Princess Eleanor says goodbye to boarding school in Wales with her graduation today

MADRID (EFE).- Princess Leonor concluded this Saturday her two-year stay at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales (United Kingdom), where she studied two International Baccalaureate courses as a boarding school, with a graduation ceremony The kings took part in it. and Infanta Sophia.

The Royal House has circulated on Twitter images of the King, the Infanta and the Princess of Asturias at the educational center.

Nearly two years into her stay at the boarding school, the only images provided were of the princess when she arrived at the center on August 30, 2021, accompanied by the monarchs and others at the farewell of baby Sofia. Same day at Barajas airport.

Leonor de Bourbon, who turns 18 on October 31, kicks off her pre-university phase to face her three years of military training, which will start on August 17 at the General Academy of the Land in Zaragoza .

princess leonore graduation
Kings Felipe and Letizia pose for a photo with their daughters Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia, moments before attending a graduation ceremony for the Princess of Asturias. EFE/Casa Real/Francisco Gomez

Graduation, known in the school as “Levar Utsav” (celebration of those who have completed their studies), takes place with the participation of the students and their families.

Don Felipe and Doña Letizia part with the Infanta Sofía

Don Felipe and Doña Letizia have parted with Infanta Sofía, who will take over from the princess and study at a boarding school in Wales from the end of August, when she finishes her secondary education in Madrid.

In addition to Leonor de Bourbon, Alexia, the middle daughter of the kings of the Netherlands, who also completed two years of high school, is also graduating today.

The school, whose symbol is the 12th-century St Donat’s Castle, located 35 kilometers from Cardiff and approximately 270 kilometers from London, hosts students of many nationalities and of different races and religions.

The center belongs to the organization United World College (UWC), a network whose ‘leitmotiv’ is “to promote international understanding through education”.

princess leonore graduation
Kings Felipe and Letizia with Infanta Sofia during the graduation ceremony of Princess Leonor. EFE/Casa Real/Francisco Gomez

The princess will reappear in public next Thursday, the 25th, at her sister’s confirmation in Madrid in the same parish where the heir to the throne received the sacrament.

Three months before entering the Academy of Zaragoza, Leonor de Borbón would make her preparations with a view to beginning her military training, alternating with some official acts and holidays.

In early July, it will participate in the award ceremony of the Princess of Girona Foundation (FPdGi), without knowing if it will be in Barcelona again, as in the last three years.

From the end of July they will also make several appearances during the holidays they spend with the monarchs and their sister in Palma.

In addition to military training, the other major challenge pending before the princess is to take the oath before the Cortes Generales after reaching the age of majority.

However, it is not known when the serious session of Congress will take place, as it is expected that the Cortes Generales will be dissolved on his birthday due to the calling of general elections.

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