Raquel Ferre Bollo keeps her promise and distributes Tupperware of croquettes to all colleagues

josepe ferre has once again spread its wings On the set of ‘Rescue Me’ This time she’s decided to get under the skin, well, and neither more nor less in a Goya costume. Speak up Raquel.

The first thing he did without hesitation interrupt maria patino: “Let me talk, daughter, it’s Friday and I know you can’t talk, that you’re there” and she explained that she was going to do a monologue because later ‘Terelu and Maria Don’ t let them talk”.

Soon after and thus fulfilling ‘his promise’, Raquel Ferre Bollo has started to distribute some of the croquettes toppers among all the collaborators that he had saved ‘from the time of Goya’, causing an inevitable fit of laughter on the set.

Josep, cast in the role of Raquel Bollo, did not want to miss this opportunity and He reprimanded Kiko Matamoros that he has talked about “his girl” en route to “Survivor”: “And you Matamoros, what were you saying about my girl?” He even repeated it in English, which made Matamoros laugh out loud.

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