‘Reborn As A Vending Machine, I Now Wander The Dungeon’ anime reveals main cast, staff, promo video, July premiere

Staff of the television anime adaptation hirukuma‘S Reincarnated as a vending machine, I now wander the dungeon ,Jidohanbaiki ni umrekawatta ore wa meikyu ni samyo) light novel series revealed on Tuesday that the anime will premiere in July. The staff also revealed the main cast, main staff, a teaser promotional video, and a behind-the-scenes look.

anime stars jun fukuyama as Hakkon (boxxo) and cadet hondo as Lamis.


Noriyaki Akitaya ,Bakuman. three seasons, ORESUKI: Are you the only one who loves me?directing the anime studio gokumi And AxisZ, Tatsuya Takahashi , [email protected] cinderella girls both seasons, home girlfriend) is overseeing the series script, and Takahiro Sakai ,yuki yuna is a hero, ms ghoul who lives next door) is adapting yuki hagureOriginal design for animation. Slocurve Co., Ltd. Creating an anime.

Crunchyroll Will stream the series as soon as it airs.

yen press published all three volumes of light novels in English, and this describes the story:

A middle-aged man with only one passion in his life meets a fitting end in a traffic accident. That’s where most stories end, but instead, this is when his story begins when he’s reincarnated as the most admired thing in life – a vending machine! But his new lease on life (?) happens to be in the worst possible place – what can a vending machine do in a monster-infested dungeon when it can’t speak or even move on its own?

hirukuma It began serializing the story on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website in March 2016, and finished it in December that year, with epilogue stories serialized in January to February 2017. kadokawaK’s Sneaker Bunko began publishing novels with illustrations in print editions. itsuwa katoStarting with the first volume in July 2016. The third and final volume shipped in February 2017.

Kunieda launched a manga adaptation of the novels in kadokawa‘S Monthly Comic Dengi Daioh magazine in August 2021. yen press Releasing the manga digitally starting with the chapters in Japan.

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