Rosie expresses her doubts about Casey and Claudia’s compatibility

Love Island 2023: Meet the contestants

Name: Tanya Manhenga

age: 22

Place: liverpool

profession: student and model

Very little is known about him: ‘I have vitiligo, which is a skin pigmentation, you can’t even notice it.’

‘It’s on my lip and I have a bandage on my hair. Not many people know this but I think it is very cute.

‘I don’t care about covering it up all the time, I just think it’s a vibe.’

Name: lana jenkins

age: 25

Place: luton

profession: make up artist

Very little is known about him: ‘In my work as a makeup artist, I have worked with many celebrities.

‘Also, when I was 6 I used to live in Spain and I was in an episode of Benidorm as an extra.’

tanyal revan

Name: tanyal revan

age: 26

Place: North London

profession: hair stylist

Very little is known about him: ‘My celebrity crush is Channing Tatum – I don’t like pretty boys, they give me the ‘aws’ because their personalities are always rubbish.’

‘Channing Tatum is pretty but not pretty. He is manly and he can dance.’

‘If a man can dance, I fall in love with him instantly.’

Olivia Hawkins

Name: Olivia Hawkins

age: 27

Place: brighton

profession: ring girl and actress

Very little is known about him: ‘I did a movie with Jason Statham and had a good 10 minute chat about life.’

‘I’ve been a ring girl for KSI, I played a waitress in James Bond with Daniel Craig and I’ve also been a body double for Michelle Keegan and Emma Watson.’

tom claire

Name: tom claire

age: 23

Place: barnsley

profession: semi-pro footballer

Very little is known about him: i’m a high school musical fan

Name: Sami Elishi

AGe: 22

Place: London

profession: Senior Estate Agent Coordinator

Very little is known about him: ‘I’m a really honest person and I don’t have a filter. I will not take litter from anyone, especially when it comes to boys!’

Name: Maxwell Community

age: 23

Place: London

profession: Finance student and restaurant host

What did he have his eye on in Casa Amor? Sami. She keeps it real and seems like she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

Name: Rosie Seaford

age: 24

Place: Buckinghamshire

profession: Industry Placement Consultant

little is known about him: ‘I have a severe phobia of frozen food, I can’t touch frozen food.’

Name: Kai Fagan

age: 24

Place: manchester

profession: Science & PE Teacher

Very little is known about him: ‘I am a citizen of Jamaica. That’s why I played rugby 7s for Jamaica.

‘I now play semi-professional rugby for Burnage RFC.’

‘I’ve technically got three different degrees and gone to three different unis.’

ron hall

Name: ron hall

age: 25

Place: essex

profession: financial advisor

Very little is known about him: ‘On meeting me, you would never know that I am blind in one eye.’

‘It was the result of a football injury when I was 8 years old. I have two different colored eyes, one blue and one green.’

will young

Name: will young

age: 23

Place: buckinghamshire

profession: Farmer

Very little is known about him: ‘Every night I light a candle and meditate for 20-25 minutes.’

‘A girl I was seeing told me to meditate, I tried it and loved it. I stopped looking at him and continued to meditate!

‘It’s a good way to reflect on yourself.’

Shak Muhammad

Name: Shak Muhammad

age: 24

Place: London

profession: airport security officer

Very little is known about him: ‘I am a very emotional person. It can be a blessing and a curse.’

‘Every time I see Dear John I cry.

It is my favorite movie. Whenever I’m with someone and they say, ‘Let’s go see a romantic movie’, I think, ‘Dear John, how does that feel?’

Jessie Winter

Name: Jessie Winter

age: 26

Place: Sydney

profession: personal trainer

You may not know anything about him: She was in series two of Love Island Australia

Name: Casey O’Gorman

AGe: 26

Place: Tring

profession: selection authority

Very little is known about him: ‘I’m really irritable. I once cut my hand and fainted’

Name: Sanam Harinan

age: 24

Place: bedford

profession: Social Worker

What did he have his eye on in Casa Amor? ‘Kai is my number one. Job wise I think we will connect a lot and I think he is cute!’

Name: Keenan Brand

age: 24

Place: Wigan

profession: professional rugby player

He’ll put something in his dating profile: ‘I’m of Irish heritage so I’ve always had the good fortune of the Irish with me.’

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