‘Save Me’ ends with Carmen Alcide and Lydia Lozano making a “Solomonic” decision that ended in nothing

Far from closing, the gap between Lydia Lozano And carmen alcayde It keeps getting bigger. The weeks-long tussle between them, since Alcayde confirmed that his partner had visited the pair’s exchange site, has been commented upon again save me Because one of them has made a surprising request to the program’s leadership.

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was the manager david valdeparas Who gave the latest news. As he said, Alcayade asked not to match with Lydia Lozano on the set. save me, The magazine’s response was unequivocal: “The management has decided to make a Solomonic decision. We are going to respect that clause”, said Valladares.

Solution? First, alternate them on sets every half hour; Afterwards, take them to a study separated by a screen. The show was guaranteed, but Lydia was totally against it. “It is surprising that the one who rides the chicken asks not to be with me. I didn’t talk about her life or her husband… and now I’m going to eat this. I’m not going to be like this every Friday. If Carmen doesn’t want to reconcile with me, she shouldn’t come the day I’m here.”Tertullian argued, unwilling to carry him from here to there.

The promoters also did not agree with the decision. “I said I wanted to veto myself, But they told me if I go home I won’t come back cause you can’t, And we have made this Solomonic decision which I do not think is right because I do not like to veto anyone and I want you to be here because you are the best ally, ”he said in his defense.

“I cannot live under the false impression that we are partners but without getting along. we have been friends. I can do that with Frizenti, with Kiko or whoever, but not with you. i want to be comfortable with you, I’ve never done anything so serious,” he said as Lozano rebuked one after another.

Then came the moment of final resolution. “Shall we remove the screen? Can you work normally?”asked Terelu Campos. “Yes”, answered Alkayde; “Of course, I’ve been saying it since four in the afternoon,” added Lozano, who found no sense in such stuff.

The hype went away and he saw his face again. “I don’t want her to be angry with me”said the presenter of Here’s a Tomato. “Okay, nothing, sweetie. Fix it”Suggested to my friend.

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