Sebastian fails to convince the traveling talents, but he wins one of the most contested voices of the night

Last Night of the ‘Blind Auditions’the voice kids‘ This has not been good for Sebastian trip. The coaches have tried their best to get the best voices at the gala, but have not had the success they expected.

Have you read an excerpt of ‘?Little Princess‘He spoke in English and also sang a song invented by him to explain a genius. Whatever he has done is not very successful because only Lennon John’s voice is taken.

The artist has been one of the most beloved people of the night, as all the coaches flocked to his voice. Sebastian Yatra already has 12 talents in his team and therefore, he is short of three voices to complete his team.

Will the Colombian artist be the first to shut down and eliminate his team? He is undoubtedly forming a very special group.

We review the team of Sebastian Yatra: The Sisters Molly and Shelly Puigsarcos, Samuel Marin, Aitana Gonzalez, Laina Fernandez, Joel Gomez, Martina Ramos, Andrea Naya, Ibon Sardone, Adrian Cordon, Lucia Plaza, Maria Casillas And Lennon John.

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