Should fiction be rewritten and adjusted?

Creation of literature, cinema, television series and fiction in general they are in a process Review and even Rewrite,

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As does it affect the art, writers needed Condition your texts and creations What is the demand of public, do novels and old books need to be rewritten? new ethical standards,

For this chapter of My Questions we speak to the authors Daniel Samper Pizano, Ricardo Silva and Adolfo Zableh,

we chatted too kendry serranoDirector of Communications for USAID and ACDI/VOCA’s Juntanza Etnica Program, juana uribescreenwriter and producer, mariana marczukEditorial Director of Planeta Y sebastian estradaEditorial director of Penguin Random House.

My Questions with Roberto Pombo: Should the narrative be rewritten to accommodate new ethical standards?

listen to my questions, with Roberto Pombo on all audio platforms Here,

This event was made possible thanks to Kaifam, 65, who has an inspiring smile.

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