Simon Cowell introduces shock rule break at Britain’s Got Talent after ‘surprising’ act

Saturday night’s Britain’s Got Talent saw a shocking plot twist after Simon Cowell broke the show’s strict rules.

Dance group Unity put on an incredible show with the 63-year-old head judge calling her ‘stunning’.

The 16 to 25 year old college buddies impressed judges Simon, Amanda Holden and Alisha Dixon with their exquisite choreography and synchronized dance moves.

But most powerful was the incredible message behind their performance – called ‘I Will,’ which reflects who they are.

One member of the group, who has Down syndrome, began dancing as the centerpiece of the group.

Emotional: Simon Cowell, 63, broke a shocking rule on Saturday night’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent
Powerful: Dance group Unity, for ages 16 to 25, put together a flawless routine with an incredible message

In between moments of Rabelais passionate dance for The Village, other members of the group came forward with messages of their own.

A star named Declan said: ‘I am Declan and labels don’t define me. I push gender boundaries but don’t allow discrimination to change who I am.

‘They try to label me. They say I may not be what I am but I will be.’

There was an emotional hug between Steph and Libby who said she had been ‘constantly watching’ since he came out.

Junior was bullied for loving dance while growing up, admitting that he was beaten and called names, while Keira faced abuse because of her size.

The emotional performance brought tears to the eyes of the judges and audience members, while notoriously-stern judge Simon also had tears in his eyes.

The routine was clearly one that would normally get a golden buzzer and the audience started chanting for one.

But Simon had already used his golden buzzer – of which the judges are only allowed one per season.

Kaal: Ekta expected a golden buzzer as the audience started chanting – but all four judges had already used their
Changing lives: After the judges broke down and gave him a standing ovation, Simon made an exception
Shock: Simon makes his dreams come true after breaking the rules to deliver his second buzzer of the series

Bruno had also used two buzzers – after not realizing he was only allowed one.

Simon said: ‘I thought you were really amazing. The way you conveyed your message to everyone – it was very strong.’

‘Look, we don’t have any golden buzzers left.’

The group appeared momentarily disheartened by the news – but Simon didn’t speak.

He continued: ‘But sometimes, I think you should break the rules!’, as the ecstasy group was showered with golden glitter as they dramatically pressed the button.

cried December: ‘I don’t even know what’s going on anymore’ in the chaos of the moment as Simon introduced the seventh golden buzzer of the series.

Viewers at home were also in tears, with one saying: ‘I’m sobbing. He was very handsome and very powerful, while another said: ‘I’m definitely crying over Britain’s talent.’

A third tweeter said: ‘Unity is absolutely the best thing I’ve seen in a long time brought me to tears Amazing talent and a beautiful message I hope this is the future.’

Britain’s Got Talent airs at 8pm on ITV.

Ongoing: The viewers at home were also very emotional as they too were in tears

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