Sindulity: Noir Anime Reveals More Cast, Premieres July 10, Ending Theme

official website for bandai namco entertainment, bandai namco filmworksAnd bandai spirits, erudition The project revealed on Sunday that the franchise has an anime title Symbiosis: NoirWill premiere on 10 July. As previously announced, the anime will stream exclusively and simultaneously Disney+ Whole world.

The website also revealed three more cast members:

Daisuke Sakaguchi as michael


daiki hamano as bob


miku ito as maria


Additionally, the site announced archana project Will perform the ending theme song “Eureka”.

Lastly, the site also revealed a collaboration scene with the Subaru carmaker.


While the game is set in 2222, the anime will be set in 2242, 20 years later.

The previously announced cast of the anime includes:

Key employees include:

Stereo Dive Foundation performing the opening theme song “Retracer”.

the title of the franchise game Symbiosis: Echo of Adaand there is a third-person shooter game that will be released for this year Play Station 5, Xbox Series X | s, and via PC Steam,

Sony Description of the game:

The year is 2222. Years have passed since the Tears of the New Moon, a mysterious rain, poured out and wiped away almost the entire human race. The poisoned rain gave birth to deformed creatures that devour humans, and humanity escaped danger. As a means of survival, the humans then build an underground shelter; Amasia. In their quest to survive in this newly built dystopian city, they run into an artificial intelligence named Magus. Not knowing how things will work out between them, how humans and AIs reconcile and their quest to find the truth begins.

The franchise will also have a manga spinoff title. Symbiosis: Elliefocusing on the titular character, which will launch kadokawa‘S Monthly comic alive magazine in its September issue on July 26. hiroshi mishima Will draw manga. The manga will also have a novelization that will launch below kadokawa‘S MF Banko J label. The franchise will also have a separate novel spinoff titled “Photo Story”. Symbiosis: Kaleidowhich will be launched in hobby japan‘S Monthly hobby japan magazine in its September issue on July 25.

Source: Symbiosis: Noir Anime website, MoCa News

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