“Sit on daddy’s lap”

Paula Jasso, better known as ‘heist‘, revealed a awkward moments who lived with him pirate sound leader And cholondrinabefore joining forces with half a meter,

In an interview for Badabun, heist, The 31-year-old recalled someone giving the order: “sit on my daddy’s lap”, to “reassure” Julian Ramirez, the leader of the Sonido Pirata.

Too, heist she talked about the moment she cried after cholondrina against him, apparently out of professional jealousy.

The interview included a piece of news that fans will love heistBecause he decided to take advantage of his fame on social networks and will try to take the throne from Karelli Ruiz.

Paulina Jasso, The Booty

Paulina Jasso, The Booty (@lapompisofficial / Instagram)

La Pompis tells the sad story of her family and reveals the problems of overweight

heist He began the interview by recalling that he had met Sonido Pirata thanks to the fact that since childhood he had acquired a taste for the Sonideros’ music.

Similarly, La Pompeice said that she became such a good dancer because that was how she entertained her family at family gatherings, when the effects of wine raised their spirits.

Apart from her dance steps, some of the things that have made Paula Jasso famous are her curves, given that, heist He remembered that there was a time when he was suffering from being overweight and being bullied.

This was the result of a strong depression caused by the death of several relatives in a car accident, among them his grandparents, who were like his parents.

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After some time, La Pompise began studying criminology and working in the police. This made her realize that she would have to lose weight, as she could not perform well due to her lack of physical condition.

So, La Pompis studied nutrition and started exercising a lot to get a fabulous body.

At the same time, La Pompis continued to participate in sonidero dances. In one of them she met Julian Ramirez, who invited her to collaborate with him on Sonido Pirata.

La Pompis very quickly became a viral hit, however, it only lasted a month and a half with Sonido Pirata for three strong reasons.


heist (Instagram/@lapompisophicial)

La Pompeice had a problem with La Cholondrina because of her jealousy.

The first was the death of a cousin, which once again broke his spirits.

in the second place was the heavy workload that fell on me every day Pirate Sound had two to three shows per day and she had to dance for about 3 hours per show.

Plus, La Pompis said, they barely had an hour or two to sleep and couldn’t rest well because they were on the go all the time.

He stated that the third reason for La Pompeice leaving Sonido Pirata was an uncomfortable situation and a fight with La Cholodrina.

And it is that, everything indicates that his dance partner was jealous of him, because as Julián Ramírez’s daughter told him, “he was taking the throne with his father.”

Paulina Jasso, The Booty

Paulina Jasso, The Booty (@lapompisofficial / Instagram)

La Pompis reveals the uncomfortable request made by the daughter of Sonido Pirata leader Julian Ramirez

La Pompice said she did not understand the words the young woman said to reassure her after La Cholondrina’s attacks and finally began to cry, but then an uncomfortable situation opened her eyes.

La Pompis reported that one day the leader of the Sound Pirates was very upset; It was then that his daughter approached him and made an uncomfortable request:

“Can you please get on my dad’s lap, because my dad is angry?”

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heist (La Pompis Instagram @lapompisoficial)

La Pompeice said that he refused the request outright, even though the daughter of the leader of the Sound pirates told him that it was the only way to keep it under control.

In view of La Pompeice’s denial, It was La Cholondrina that ended up sitting on Julian Ramirez, said the dancer.

La Pompisse reveals threats and announces the launch of its OnlyFans

All this situation, in addition to the informality with his payments and the demand to move to Guanajuato, La Pompis stated that he decided to end his employment relationship with Sonido Pirata.

This would have led to threats against him, to which La Pompeice says he is prepared to respond if necessary with much stronger material that he has saved.

Now, Pompis Medeo Dumbles With MetroParticipating in events and creating content for social networks.

In addition, La Pompice announced that at the request of her fans, she has already launched her OnlyFans account, where she will be sharing exclusive content.

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