SNL: Woody Harrelson is urged to, um, ‘Unleash’ in Coalguard ad parody

Modern medical technology is wondrous and convenient and… also a little scary sometimes?

Saturday night Live Totally managed to cross that line this week With their Colonard commercials featuring friendly animated boxes who enjoy pooping.

Again, it is a miracle of our advanced civilization that thousands of deaths a year can be prevented from the comfort of our own homes. But at the end of the day… it’s still pooping in a box, and the company that makes the Colonard (it’s a real thing, not made like a Bass-O-Matic or Colon Blow) makes it a laughable , sold with an animated cardboard cube.

The sketch opens like a simple pharmaceutical spot: An upbeat cartoon character introduces himself to a mildly curious Ordinary Joe, played by host Woody Harrelson — playing himself? It explains what the colonard does and how the process works. And we quickly get to the point that should have put an end to this business concept in the pitch room: No one wants the receptacle into which they poop to talk to them.

Modern miracle, saves lives, yes. But why an ad featuring a weirdly cheesy carton that makes you crave poop? This snl The sketch demonstrates exactly why this is a weird idea and it doubles down on it by giving Talking Box a goofy delivery driver (Kenan Thompson) and several Talking Box friends.

Harrelson lets the awkwardness flow over him as Boxes reels off a succession of very discreet euphemisms for pooping in a box, before making it even more awkwardly personal by revealing the names of all the boxes (if You’re expecting and looking for suggestions: Thomas, Kylie, Victor, Neil and Siobhan are now off-limits as baby names for at least the next decade).

Heidi Gardner and Andrew Desmeux add a final, funny layer of voyeur creep at the end of the sketch as neighbors across the street. Overall, this is a great business parody snlComedy has a sweet spot. A familiar, comforting feeling – like a hot box in hand… Eve, Total!

Watch the full sketch above, and weigh in this week snl,

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