Spain: Vallenato del Binomio in a set

It’s no secret to anyone that vallenato music It is part of Colombia’s history and a cause of joy for many fans of this musical genre in different parts of the country and the world.

Many people around the world recognize Colombians with this type of music. rhythm of an accordion It makes the listeners dance or cry.

In short order, a video recorded by a woman living in Spain went viral on social networks, which showed how, apparently, a Colombian Get a whole group together to hear the music of Binomio del Oro And surprised more than one.

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“When you are in Spain and you hear Vallenato in A flat”, The woman said on Tiktok, I am shocked by what happened.

Meanwhile, singing could be heard in the background ‘I Can’t Forget Her’, from Golden Binomialwhose singers at that time were Jean Carlos Centeno.

“No, I can’t forget her or banish her from my life, though she left me a karma, though she left me a wound, I can’t forget her, though she left my future with a very dark past Love the one who slandered me,” was heard in the background. in the video.

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Many people commented on this fact on social networks and left some comments like: “Colombian is Colombian”; “And it’s not just any Vallenato, it’s a great song”; “I have always said that being abroad and I hear a vallenato, I will cry remembering my beloved Colombia”; “I think it caused more than one cry.”

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