Stephanie Zabaleta takes on a new challenge in La Descarga: “You are a tremendous artist”

At the end of her explanation, Stephanie Zabaleta acknowledges Maia have mixed feelings Since the song is a real challenge for her, something that made her very nervous and made her question whether she would be able to complete the goal.

In return, you accept Mind plays a fundamental role within competition And it was a complication for him. Noticing this, Maya tells him that what she likes most about his rendition is that he composes himself in the middle of singing, as he knows that the beginning is demanding with the bass.
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The mentor tells her that this is completely normal, as she knows that competition can overwhelm nerves, which it doesn’t let him keep the note correctlylater to classify it as a phoenix.

Marbel made her intervention to make it clear to Stefanie Zabaleta that she had taken it upon herself to demonstrate what she was capable of and the scope with her voice, so as to be able to complete this challenge. Cause Makes the patron more reliable in participant.

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