Sudipto Sen said during his visit to Kolkata, “Surprised to see ‘Kerala Story’ not back in halls even after Supreme Court’s ban order.” bengali movie news

The Supreme Court on Thursday stayed the West Bengal government’s order banning the screening of ‘The’ kerala story‘ And it gave a sigh of relief to the makers. Since the ban has been lifted, people were excited to welcome the film once again in the cinema halls. even the director Sudipto Sen And Adah Sharma Those who had come to Kolkata on Friday with plans to visit theaters and meet distributors and hall owners expressed their disappointment.
Addressing the media during a press conference sudipto Said, “We were very excited after the new order of the Supreme Court. We came to Kolkata with a plan to visit theaters and interact with the audience. However, nothing seems to have changed. ‘The Kerala Story’ is still missing from the hall. We didn’t expect this. I’m not a politician. Adah Sharma is also not a politician. That’s why we don’t understand why our film hasn’t got the hall yet. I am really surprised to see this.”


During an interaction with the media, he also claimed that a film, even if a film is controversial, cannot be banned once it is cleared by the censor board. “Our film is making headlines and creating a buzz among everyone. We were expecting some good response in West Bengal, but theaters here are still not accepting offline or online ticket bookings,” he added.
While ‘the return of Kerala Story to the big screen in Bengal was uncertain’, multiplex owners are reportedly going for new releases in the coming weeks despite what the top court said. Many movies both in Bengali and Hindi are now in the queue for release.
Sudipto further said that the censor board made him wait for two months. “We submitted 200 documents along with three hours of testimonials. Only then CBFC certified the film. Now it is being shown in around 12,000 screens in the country. Trust me, there is no such protest outside the cinema hall Only those who have not seen the film are criticizing it. Sen said he has requested Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to watch the film once.

The Supreme Court had yesterday stayed the West Bengal government’s order banning the public exhibition of the controversial film. The apex court said that the May 8 order suffers from “overlapping” and is not based on any material produced before the court.
The Supreme Court had also asked the makers of ‘The Kerala Story’ to put a disclaimer on the allegations of conversion of 32,000 women in the film by 5 pm on May 20.
Starring Adah Sharma in the lead, ‘The Kerala Story’ released in cinemas on May 5 after the film’s trailer claimed that women from Kerala were forced to convert to Islam and recruited by terrorist group ISIS. I went. The plot follows the lives of three Hindu women who are forced to convert to Islam. Apart from Adah Sharma, the cast also includes Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani and Siddhi Idani in prominent roles.
Following the Supreme Court verdict, ‘The Kerala Story’ producer Vipul Shah requested West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to watch the film first and also assured that he would welcome all her “valid criticisms”, if any. do.
Meanwhile, on Saturday, Adah Sharma shared an Instagram post expressing hope that the film would soon be released in theaters in West Bengal. He shared a poster of the film and some BTS pictures along with the net collection of the film. “Congratulations (Congratulations) to you, to all of us.. #TheKeralaStory Success belongs to all of you. Soon to be released (red heart emoji) in West Bengal (hopefully) and now internationally (UK as well as FINALLY),” Adah wrote in the caption.

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