Take a breath before seeing what Nadia Ferreira looked like for the first time at age 11, holding a baby in her arms

The final countdown for the singer has already begun! Marc Anthony and his wife, model Nadia Ferreira, And it is that everything indicates that the first child of a happy marriage will be born between May and the second half of June. Even the cast have arranged their lives and routines to revolve around the arrival of this incomparable moment.

Although there is no official confirmation yet, everything indicates that the first child of Marc Anthony (54) and Nadia Ferreira (24). And although this will be the first child of the Vice Miss Universe 2021, but in the last few hours a picture of her when she was just 11 years old was going viral and when she was carrying a baby in her arms for the first time. Time. Could this be a sign of fate?

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