Teaser out of Sayali Sanjeev and Chinmay Udgirkar starrer Urmi Marathi movie

urmi marathi movie , ‘Urmi’ (Urmi) The teaser of this multi-starrer film is now available for the viewers. The story of love and relationships will be seen in this film. This film will be released on 14 April. The poster and teaser of this film have increased the curiosity of the audience about the film.

‘Urmi’ with strong star cast

Rajesh Jadhav has handled the script, dialogue writing and direction of the film ‘Urmi’. The star cast of the film ‘Urmi’ is quite strong. Rasika Sunil, Sayali Sanjeev, Chinmay Udgirkar, Nitish Chavan, Madhav Abhyankar are playing important roles in this movie. Also actresses Rituja Junnarkar and Sally Paradkar will appear as guest stars.

When will ‘Urmi’ release? (urmi movie release date)

It seems from the teaser of the film that the plot of the film is that the third person comes in the relationship of husband and wife. In such a situation, the curiosity about this film with the best cast and the best story has increased. Now on April 14, film lovers will be able to watch the film ‘Urmi’ in theatres.

Praveen Dattatreya Chowdhary has produced the film ‘Urmi’ of Samriddhi Creation. He has also written the story and lyrics for the film. Doctor. The co-producers of the film are Chaitali Praveen Chowdhary and Maltibai Dattatreya Chowdhary. Rajesh Balakrishna Jadhav has directed the film as well as written the screenplay and dialogues. Music by Vijay Gatalwar & Utpal Chowdhary, Cinematography by Kaushal Goswami, Compilation by Anant Maruthi Kamat. Mahesh Gopal Bharambe has served as an executive producer.

harvest day for marathi cinema

Marathi cinema, which was cold during the Corona period, has now blossomed again. Films like ‘Wade’, ‘Valvi’ have made a lot of noise at the box office in the last few days. Soon the films ‘Phulrani’, ‘Ravarambh’, ‘Ghar Banduk Biryani’, ‘Bapmanoos’ will be released. In the past few days, Marathi films with different genres and commentaries on different subjects are coming in front of the audience.

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