Thalia and Tommy Mottola Are They Divorced? proof that they ended their relationship

This Friday, March 3, the famous singer’s relationship, Thalia and millionaire businessmen, Tommy MottolaStole all the headlines in the entertainment industry when various entertainment media confirmed that their marriage ended after they signed a divorce.

It was early this 2023 when the singer and her husband monopolized the cover after it emerged that their marriage was facing a major crisis. Reports indicated that he was betrothed to Peruvian-born singer Leslie Shaw, a Mexican.

Despite the rumours, Leslie Shaw denied any kind of relationship with Tommy Mottola, but the news of their separation continues after seeing the recent activity that she has recorded on her social networks, which shows that they will no longer be together.

Photo: Instagram/@thalia

Thalia and Tommy Mottola split?

In the past few hours, after talking about Thalía, one of the most important singers in Mexico, and Tommy Mottola, it began to emerge that they are in fact no longer married or at least they show it on their social networks.

According to “Gossip No Like”, the couple may have ended their relationship in complete secrecy. It is also believed that he signed her divorce, but managed to hide the information thanks to the contacts of the famous businessman.

The rumor gained strength after watching the “Day of Love and Friendship” on 14 February. Tommy Mottola He shared a romantic message dedicated to Thalia, but she was neither present in the comments nor leaving “likes”.

As if this was not enough, the last publication that Thalia shared with Tommy Mottola was on the occasion of their wedding anniversary in December 2022. This would reveal that their possible separation took place during the first months of this new year.

Photo: Instagram/@thalia

As we mentioned earlier, neither Thalia and Tommy Mottola They have confirmed that their relationship is over, but the rumors have started gaining momentum with various messages published by them on their respective social networks.

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