‘The Flash’, We Tell You Who Superman’s Cousin Kara Is

Film Glow, by Andres Muschietti, has become one of the most anticipated releases of the year. In particular, because of the statements of DC Co-CEO, James Gunn, that the plot would restart the publisher’s cinematographic universe. A fundamentally important move to reconfigure the timeline of the beleaguered franchise. But the feature film is much more than an excuse to rehash a handful of new stories.

It is also a chance to showcase different versions of iconic characters as new episodes come to the big screen. And so it has happened with Batman and Superman, something that has fans perplexed. The first will feature two versions of Christina Hodson’s screenplay, one starring Ben Affleck and a multiverse version with Michael Keaton in the lead.

On the other hand, the last son of Kryptonian will be absent in GlowWhere a member of his family will come in his place. kara loud lactress played by Sasha AlleyNewest joint in the world live action from DC. But, unlike Melissa Benoist’s character in the series super girlpoints to a more complex story about which there are many theories.

importance of a new story

Everything indicates that this is a reinvention of the iconic figure, though it retains the essentials of its history. In part, what would follow is tradition in the role of heroine. with seven volumes, kara They have the same core in all their appearances. Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino in 1959, she is the daughter of Superman’s uncle, loud l and his wife Alura,

In the same way he is sent to the earth during the destruction of his cousin Kryptonian, But instead of falling into the arms of a loving family, he travels in a protective slumber for years until he arrives on the planet. What stops him from aging or undergoing any changes when his relative becomes an adult.

does not seem to be part of all of the above Glow, in his progress, super girl will play a fundamental role in the adventure of Barry (Ezra Miller) in the multiverse. But it won’t be related, at least not directly, to Metropolis’ famous hero. In fact, it seems to have been changed. As will be recalled, the film—as always according to the trailers—shows an invasion of normal amount (Michael Shannon). A cataclysmic event that the main character will encounter with a relative of Superman, hitherto unknown to the world. dc extended universe,

In addition, the character’s on-screen appearance does not match the classic, which shows him blonde and very similar in a suit. kal-l, With short black hair, he more closely resembles Lara Lane Kentpart of the game context injustice gods among ussince 2013. Whose daughter is she as seen in the accompanying story on the video console SupermanWho acts like a hero with her father.

the story is that Glow won’t count

but it is unlikely that the plot of Glow be adapted to the surrounding plot larain which clarkcheated by him clownTo kill lois lane, pregnant by that time. overwhelmed with pain, Superman He kills the criminal and becomes a planetary dictator trying to establish peace by force.

later, after a fight against your opponent batmanThe defeated hero of Metropolis falls into a deep sleep. In it he experiences an alternate reality in which Bruce Wayne He fakes his wife’s death and eventually they both become parents. super girl Black hair results from that fictional union and is his only appearance in the comics world.

New faces for a new generation of superheroes

a somewhat more realistic possibility is that the mystical version of kara In Glow Happen circlepart of the family He, The work of screenwriter Steven Seagal and cartoonist Scott McDaniel, it debuted in the 2003 comic sSuperman: The 10 Cent Adventure #1,

Its story tells about the arrival of a mysterious young woman in Metropolis, who has the same powers clark, Also with considerable physical resemblance to him, including dark hair and light eyes. which would coincide, at least in part, with the character’s appearance in the film Glow, When asked about her origins, she declares that she is the daughter of the hero in Red Riding Hood.

in his own words his name is circle and is the daughter of clark And Lois in the distant future. Later, it is verified that he is not related to them and his identity is once again a mystery. She is also apparently not a descendant of the El family, and although Superman accepts her as his kin, there is no apparent relationship between them.

the mysterious heroine of Glow

Undoubtedly, the character’s appearance is very similar to that shown in the upcoming film. Glow, But the story is unlikely to be part of the script. In the DC Multiverse, the character’s timeline was erased, and as a result, his origins disappear from all record.

A condition that makes him unable to remember who he is. Which can contradict the images that show the figure embodied by Sasha Calle, with a suit similar to that of Superman, something that would indicate that, at least, he knows the destroyed original Kryptonian,

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film promotion Glow He has been careful not to fully reveal the identity of his enigmatic and powerful heroine. Could it be a mix of all the previous forms in Superman’s history over the decades? A character that was completely made for the big screen? We will have to wait a while to know the answer to this.

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