The hero; Comedian; Villain – Karthi is a mix of everything

‘Japan’ is Karthi’s 25th film. Rajumurugan directed the film, which stars Anu Emanuel, director Vijay Milton, and Telugu actor Sunil in prominent roles. G.V. The film, composed by Prakash Kumar, is now under production. The first look poster for the film was unveiled earlier, and it drew a lot of attention.

In this scenario, the film’s title and the character’s introductory video have both been disclosed. In this regard, Karthi has played the role of Japan. And separate people are labeled as the hero in the first scene, the comedian in the second scene, and the villain in the following scene. This has raised the stakes for the picture. And it’s a special gift for Karthi’s followers because he published it on his birthday. As a result, his followers are spreading this video widely on social media.

It is worth mentioning that the film crew released the film around 12 a.m. on Karthi’s birthday, as the film would be launched on Diwali. Sivakarthikeyan’s ‘Ayalan’ is already available in theaters ahead of Diwali. Following this, Diwali Race Japan has joined the film.

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