‘The Last of Us’ creator names another hit video game franchise that inspired Episode 7’s photobooth scene

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is emotional, and then there’s last of us-grade emotional, and with the seventh episode of HBO Max’s darling drama series coming into its rounds, the series is showing no signs of slowing down its momentum with that special reputation.

So far, we’ve had our hearts turned inside out by the tragedy befell Henry and Sam in “Endure and Survive” and now, in “Left Behind,” by Bill and Frank’s Arcadian lovelife in “Long, Long Time.” The duty fell over to Allie and her best friend/best friend Riley to make a mark on our tear ducts. Together last of us Making the jump from the original video game to the infinitely more story-rich medium of television, such a goal felt like no bumps in the road.

But, as they say, you should never forget where you came from, and last of us Comes from Naughty Dog, a game studio known for taking its emotional storytelling quite seriously. during episode seven last of us‘ official podcast, showrunner Neil Druckmann, who wrote and directed the original game for Naughty Dog, revealed how the studio’s bread and butter, most famously, is used. unresolved The series was modeled for the photobooth scene of the game.

we had this idea [the photobooth], and this will be a moment that can be made interactive; You can choose what you want to do, so there’s a little bit of agency for the player as far as shaping that experience. Ultimately, the moment is about the breaking of the dam, of seeing how these girls are starting to telegraph to each other that there is more to this than just friendship; That was its purpose in the game.

The motive served as the emotional end-goal for the television counterpart of the scene that we got to see during yesterday’s episode.

In sports, it was such a huge investment. we were known for these set pieces, like in unresolved, One of the most famous ones is you’re in this building that’s being fired with missiles by this helicopter, and you’re fighting these enemies, and you dynamically jump out of it as it’s crashing around you, And it took a colossal effort to pull the whole studio. It was the same for this photobooth, but for those who experienced [in the game]It had the same effect.

Perhaps, however, it begs the question of why unresolved Not only was there a movie in the first place, but then misfired Tom Holland and co. given us, we probably don’t need to delve too deeply into that question.

last of us Available to stream on HBO Max, new episodes are released every Sunday until the season finale on March 12. The second season has been announced.

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