‘The Last of Us’ star shares cute pet name for Pedro Pascal

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Deen Zareen and Grugu’s lovely partnership the mandalorian had already helped establish Pedro Pascal’s place as the father of the Internet, but last of us has been confirmed. Starring as a protective paternal figure on two of the biggest shows on television, both releasing new episodes each week, the already popular Pascal’s reputation is skyrocketing.

But it looks like he’s just as endearing to his fellow cast members as he is to the general public, as Elle star Bella Ramsey reveals a downright adorable pet name for “Pedee.”

Even the official Sony Pictures Television account was touched.

Luckily, We Know Ramsey and “Pez” Will Return for Another Season last of usWhich will likely expire sometime in 2025. Taking on the role of Joel after Troy Baker took over his role in the games was a tall order for Pascal, but it’s safe to say that fans have embraced this familiar – yet subtly different – take on Tormented and The vulnerable defender is desperately trying to suppress the trauma of his daughter’s death.

Pascal has already said that “there is a chance” last of us Will be back in front of the cameras this year, though with a focus on physical sets and more complex storytelling The Last of Us Part II That could mean more time in the oven for Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann to bring it to the screen.

Either way, we still have the season one finale to come this week, and fans of the Games are eager to see how the show tackles it.

last of us The season one finale airs Sunday on HBO.

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