‘The Mandalorian’ Fans Think Bo-Katan Just Got Her Back

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This article contains spoilers the mandalorian Season 3, Episode 3

Bo-Katan wasn’t doing well when we caught up with him again in the first episode. the mandalorian season three. It seemed his days were mopping up in a large chair in an empty palace, his dreams of leading the Mandalorian people towards a bright new future quickly fading.

Now, as of episode three, it looks like she’s headed for a major comeback. Last week, we saw Dina rescue Dina from a cyborg roaming around the depths of Mandalore before guiding her to the mines and its pure living waters. Even there, she seemed very hazy about the place, until she waded into the water and came face to face with the mighty Mythosaur.

Now, with his depression palace bombed to pieces, he has been taken in by the Mandalorian secret of Din Jaren, and may finally discover that this is indeed “the way”. star wars Fans are glad to see she’s on the rise again:

Maybe it’s time to reconsider his priorities?

that’s good to know star wars‘ The solution to an existential crisis is to join a radical fundamentalist cult:

Still, we’re betting she’s really missing her throne of sadness:

But can there be trouble with brewing?

We doubt whether she’ll be happy as just a follower for long…

And it’s like poetry, it rhymes:

We still think trouble is brewing between Bo-Katan and Deen. While she claims she no longer wants the darksaber, the events of last week’s episode mean she now theoretically has a legitimate claim to it. Let’s face it, after seeing the Mythosaurus restore his faith after adopting “The Way,” it would make sense for him to rekindle those old ambitions to lead his people to glory.

the mandalorian Airs Wednesdays on Disney Plus.

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