The Voice: Here’s who you want to see replace Blake Shelton as coach

It’s not easy to imagine anyone else filling Blake Shelton’s grizzled seat sound, but show does A replacement needs to be found for her later this year — and TVLine readers have some suggestions.

Earlier this month, we asked who you want Would love to see Shelton replace the NBC singing competition now that he plans to exit when season 23 ends. And while Shelton is, in theory, an irreplaceable staple of the show, it looks like there are some country music stars who would be equally welcome. sound audience TV screens.

To be fair, it wasn’t just country styles offered by your choice: Rock band frontmen like Jon Bon Jovi and Billie Joe Armstrong proposed, as were pop icons like Lizzo and Lady Gaga. But it should come as no surprise that the names of country music legends filled our comments section, and we’ve gathered 10 of the most common suggestions in the list below.

Also, during its 23 seasons on the air, sound Several of these fictional picks have already recruited Team Blake to serve as Battle Round advisors — so we know they’ll have Shelton’s support! keep scrolling to see who You most want as shelton sound replacement, then leave a comment with your thoughts!


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