The Voice is ready to deliver one heckuva season-finale upset

since season 23 sound began – literally, since the premiere – we’ve all thought the same NOIVAS was about to win, wasn’t it?

The 30-year-old father of two is a powerhouse, a showman… in a league of his own. (See what I mean, below.) Rookie coach Chance the Rapper went so far as to use his block to keep a four-chair turn from being recruited by the show’s GOAT Blake Shelton during blinds. Then, as if to give the retiring coach one final victory as a beautiful parting gift, it’s likely that Blake apparently stole the front runner during the fight.

But a funny thing has happened that the competition is on. Team Blake’s Grace West – the last contestant for whom “The Cowboy” would ever press his button – slowly but steadily proved herself to be a genuine contender. Her vocals don’t go off like fireworks like NOIVAS do, but they’re gorgeous and passionate, and she connects with her cover in a way that makes it sound more like she’s singing a song than she feels. Are. (Below is Exhibit A.)

What’s more, now that Team Kelly Clarkson’s Holly Brand has been eliminated, 19-year-old Grace is the last remaining country cast member of the season. Add this to Team Blake, and c’mon… He not only has a chance to steal the title, he has a great chance. (As of this writing, in TVLine’s poll following our recap of the semifinals, 19.87 percent of you thought Grace delivered the best performance; 9.94, NOIVAS.)

What do you think? Is Grace going to be upset? Or do you think there’s a dark-horse contender that deserves more attention? Vote in the poll below, then comment.

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