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There are more and more rumors of a relationship between Yatra and the singer.

Colombian singer releases new single ‘Una noche sin penser’

The Colombian singer gave an interview to ‘El Hormiguero’ to present his new single ‘Una Noche Sin Pencer’. This is his first appearance since the beginning of Rumors of an alleged relationship with singer Aitana And it happened.

Yatra’s new song ‘Una noche sin penser’ tells a story of passion regardless of the consequences. As he said in ‘El Hormiguero’, this song marks the beginning of a new phase in his music.

“I’m living a lot and then I sit down for four or five days to write and I tell how I see the world at the moment.” Singer said.

one of the new songs is included Video clip starring Malena Smith: An actress with whom the Colombian artist really wanted to work ever since he saw her in ‘Madres Paralelas’.

During the interview, the presenter and artist, they talked about many topics in the life of travel, but everyone was waiting for the moment to ask the question Aetna ka kya?

The relationship between travel and Aitana

taking advantage of the return of ‘the voice kids’ Where? Both the singers participate as ‘coaches’ Motos took the opportunity to ask him what his partner might be.

“You are again in the program as ‘coach’, with Bisbal, with Rosario, and I don’t know if you know any Aetana. A girl with bangs, so beautiful…” The presenter told him.

After the intervention, the Colombian He blushed when he heard Aitana’s name And after a mischievous smile he replied:

“I know him, I know him, Eva Gonzalez is also there. The people in the picture look just like me,” said the singer, smart and misguided to stray from the drama topic.

so far it seems Neither of the actors have yet taken a step to publicly acknowledge a possible relationship.

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