This mini-series clocks in at just under three hours and is one of Netflix’s funniest gems created by the minds behind Black Mirror.

Parodies and memes have won the world of entertainment in various fields, but, What if these two were merged with a historical documentary? The result is a humorous and funny mini-series that talks about how far humanity has (or hasn’t) come through history.

Earth according to Philomena Cunk (Kunk on Earth) is one of those funny parodies most of the time she doesn’t take herself seriouslybut which also offers a historical tour supported by experts in the field with a touch that will make you laughEspecially if you like historical subjects.

The mind behind Black Mirror makes us laugh and cringe at the same time

Charlie Brooke captivated us with a science fiction series that quickly became one of the public’s favorites on Netflix, we’re talking about Black Mirror. But earlier this year it was released Earth according to Philomena CunkA short documentary series of only five chapters, each lasting approximately 30 minutes, where The main thing is to learn from the general culture of the world but with a laughLike it’s a meme.

And it is that the magic of this production lies in the dialogues delivered by Philomena (Diane Morgan) where goes through the history of humanity in a satirical manner, From prehistory to the present day so you’ll never have to watch another documentary again. Staggering responses from experts in the field are the perfect finishing touch They never expect the brilliant but foolhardy way of interrogating them.

It’s an unusual journey through history

As the chapters progress, more unusual ways of conceptualizing culture are presented. Not that this is a travesty as many claim, in fact, Historical support is broad and correctThe key is that this is not a boring documentary with dates and names, but a different perspective. How culture is conceived from the most sensitive perspective humanity has to offer.

At the same time, interesting and even unexpected data on places, museums, are presented, as it illuminates and exposes many issues. What humanity considers normal and simple, and in fact they are not. Diane Morgan does a great job that stands out for making the story understandable, subtle, sarcastic, and funny.

Earth according to Philomena Cunk Can be viewed on Netflix at no extra chargeAnd it’s worth a look because it’s likely you’ll learn something you didn’t know, but most of all, you’ll laugh at what you already knew.

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