This music mogul is a huge ‘Yellowstone’ fan—and we love it

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Music, fashion, and enough sparkle to blind you if the light hits it just right – these are some of the things that may initially come to mind when you hear Music Mogul. Rick Ross‘ Name. A new compliment we can add to the list we can’t get enough of – yellowstone fan. That’s right, in a series of new shots posted today on Rick Ross’ Instagram account, it looks like he’s the latest to catch Dutton fever.

Rocking the fit that rivals the cowboy gear of those who call Yellowstone home, Rick Ross highlights his Dutton-fan status with a pair of golden-yellow shorts to match the brand on his burgundy crewneck, and it’s a familiar and dear. With a Y hooked in the middle, the rest of Yellowstone reads Dutton Ranch—the place we wish we could call home.

Is it surprising that someone of such a prestigious position would fall under the purview of the Duttons? Absolutely not; yellowstone There’s everything: drama, relationships, family ties and breakups, and trips to the train station; The series is easily one of the most exciting on television now and in recent times. It’s also exciting when we find out that celebrities love the series as much as all of us do. In fact, fellow music icon Drake received a pair of shoes signed by Rip Wheeler for his birthday, and as a fellow Dutton fan, we have to say — birthday gifts don’t get much better than this.

In snaps posted to Rick Ross’ Instagram stories, it appears he’s filming something new in his best Yellowstone gear. The entrepreneur is always up to something, and you’re not alone if you’ve found yourself wondering how he could somehow end up in the Dutton area. We’d love to see Rick Ross rock a cowboy hat as a Dutton family rival, or even better, a power player with a plan to finally rid the family of what’s eating them from the inside out.

Of course, this is all just a dream we’ve had lately, but you can’t deny that it wouldn’t be powerful. Speaking of impact, with higher stakes—and even higher emotions—the Duttons will need all the power they can muster when season five returns this summer for its next set of episodes.

Jamie and Beth have finally drawn the final battle lines, and John Dutton will face his most challenging decision yet: who can survive? Which of her children will reach the next stage of life, and who has a one-way ticket to the train station? Only time will tell, but it has never been more clear that there is no harmony if Dutton stays as he is; Somebody has to go

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