This Week’s ‘The Mandalorian’ Has ‘Star Wars’ Fans Wondering If The New Republic Is Really Better Than The Empire

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This article contains spoilers the mandalorian Season 3, Episode 3

closing moment of return of the jedi Show scenes of celebration across the galaxy as the Empire falls. The second Death Star is now space dust, the Emperor is dead (for now at least…), and a bright new future beckons. But, as we have seen the mandalorian And in the sequel trilogy, the New Republic that replaced it certainly has its own problems.

with this week’s credits the mandalorianseveral star wars Fans are wondering if this is even an improvement. The meat of the episode focused on Omid Abtahi’s Dr. Pershing as he entered the New Republic Imperial Rehabilitation Program, determined to resettle many former members of the Empire into this new world.

Unfortunately for Pershing, it turns out they’re all about making sure former Imperials are good little boys and girls. Pershing was convinced to sneak into a doomed Star Destroyer to retrieve some equipment to continue his cloning research, discovering to his horror that it was all a ruse designed to test his obedience. It was a trap. Her adventure ended with her being strapped into a brain control device, with the power cranked up to melt her brain into goo.

After seeing this, fans are wondering whether the Rebellion actually made any real changes if the New Republic is this sinister:

It’s not very good for them:

To be fair, if you’re a drooling wreck, we have a feeling you’re relaxing:

You could almost think that there is some commentary going on about how outwardly benevolent and friendly democracies can actually reach heinous things…

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss:

After all this, we’re suddenly less skeptical about the First Order’s rapid rise to power in the sequel trilogy. After all, if the New Republic was already making the leap to dehumanizing mental torture, no wonder so many people signed up for Empire 2.0. At least Empire of Torture was honest about what it was!

the mandalorian airs Wednesdays on Disney Plus

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