TV commercial for World Dai Star anime, Katharina character video streamed

The series will premiere on April 9

official website for world babysitter star The “Theatrical Girls” multimedia project revealed a commercial and an in-character video on Friday. The character video focuses on Katharina.

anime will premiere on tokyo mx Channel on 9th April at 11:00 PM, and it will also run BS11, tv aichi, hokkaido tv, MBSAnd Shizuoka Broadcasting System,

The story is set in the 20th century after the stage performers of Dai Star have gained worldwide popularity. 16-year-old Cocona Otori fulfills her dream of becoming a world babysitter star by auditioning for a serious theatrical troupe.

Anime Stars:

  • Sirius Circle
  • Gingaja Circle
  • Gekidan Denki troupe
  • Eden Circle

manga creator takhiro Story Drafted, and VTuber Designer mika picazzo Drafted character designs. u kinom ,Ideal Pridedirecting the anime larcheAnd Yasuhiro Nakanishi ,Kaguya-sama: Love is War, pair of cuckoos, Ideal Pride Episode) is in charge of the series script. majiro ,22/7, macros delta, Kabukibu!) designed the characters for the animation.

Nanafuji will launch world babysitter star: Repeat! in manga kadokawa‘S Comic Alive+ manga website on April 2. of the project world babysitter star: Yama No Constellation (World Dai Star: Dream Stellarium) The game will launch this summer.

Source: world babysitter starWebsite of Comic Natalie

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