Unpublished photo of BizRap shared by Shakira

in the stories on his Instagram account with more than 86 million followers, the famous and beautiful singer-songwriter from Barranquilla Shakira usually shows photos and videos of her activities in her new life in Miami, Plus pieces that help you promote your new release.

However, on this occasion, the Colombian revealed an interesting and funny photo of his colleague Bizarrap, with whom he performed SHAKIRA, BZRP Music Sessions #53, which sees the Argentinian DJ wearing an authentic vultiao hat, typical of Vallenato and Colombian coastal culture.

it was my Shakira who named this photo “Bizaquilero” tagged him as a friend as well. One of the most interesting details of the postcard is that the bizwrap still doesn’t give up its essence. and a distinctive detail of hers such as her dark glasses, which is why her style is combined with Costanos’.

shakira and bizrap friendship

so it seems, After working on the song together, Shakira and Bizz remain good friends and want to share their tastes and even the culture of the country in which they were born.

Let us recall that the topic that they worked together caused an uproar in social networks and the media, because of the taunts that the Barranquilla woman threw at her former partner Piqué and his new girlfriend, Clara Chia.

The song of Shakira and Bijarap with which they have collected a lot of bills

This is the most successful season in the entire career of Bizarrap and, being launched in January this year, already has over 540 million views and 11 million likes on YouTube. definitely a music team Which marked the history of Latin music and Shakira’s love break.

Let’s hope this friendship lasts and Shakira joins the Argentine culture soon.

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