Ventura declares the Sultanate of ‘Nazari’ in Las Ventas

Youtenth of uvo san isidro A taste of nostalgia for the end of one reign and affirmation for the time immemorial of another. And both are to blame for the current moment of rejoneo. diego ventura And ‘Nazari’. Bullfighter and bullfighter horse on horseback. What an honor to live in his time! a pair that has given an extra point rejoneo, released him Luck saddles and head into the ring after the fourth fight, but ‘view’ He didn’t want to leave his kingdom called sales, Perhaps someone still needs the passage of time to see this afternoon as a point History Did bullfighting on horseback, Yes, followed. Well diego ventura He reached his 18th Puerta Grande in a career that seems to know no bounds, carving out unfathomable numbers at the stroke of a rein.

new teacher training course River City. A president’s taunt doesn’t even matter if he didn’t turn a second ear after a perfect intercourse act with a bull. Important Dimensions of K Corded Resonator Leonardofrom which only steel took away big door With the most complex lot of running of the bulls in which the running of the bulls takes place Season and good confirmation of the option of Duarte Fernandes, that he was to kill the sixth by cutting off his right hand with the death penalty.

cut off two ears Luck an important bull of the other Carmen Lawrence, With the class, cadence, consistency and insubordination for which the bullfighter gained him a piece of land, the horse manages to spin the obstacle on its axis and outrun the bull’s tail. by hand. it was with him bull The condition that allows to make the best Rejoneo. he got something Luck Together ‘Astonishing’. Many side gallops parallel to the boards, ‘hermosinas’ and many flags in the center of the arena all give advantages bull, Beating the opposing dragon and impaling it in the stirrups. everything from power to power with tremendous courage, as if there was some transparent thread that kept the bull’s attack on the horse’s croup perennial. It is impossible to collect more. One had tremendous potential, as he stalled in the short fields in the third. Luck a few meters from the horse bull, let it out murube First to defend and nail. apply icing Luck Together ‘A bronze’, entering the suburban area for its enormous flexibility. He removed his head to plant a harpoon before ending his performance with three small violins in the fate of Caracolio. Rejón was dominant and had the victory in hand.

Among the distinguishing features of cowgirl dressage were receipts with poles on the doors of the pigsty. diego ventura For a bull that had rennet and was good during his fight. there was a combination between the huge Ventura, ‘Nazari’ and family bull Season. Several gallops on parallel sides of the boards, as before some banderillas, always beat the opposing dragon. Rezzono’s genius unleashes madness in the stands ‘nomad’ in many banderyls, coming out of the face of bull With tight pirates. Three little banderillas signed a very complete work in one afternoon without any boundaries. Faulad became effective again and the public asked for both the ears. But, the President decided not to grant them without any reasoning. Maybe ignorance. To try to find some explanation. With public anger, an excited Luck visited the ring sales Together ‘view’, There was no reverse. The rider’s knees will no longer feel the pounding sound of the horse. Farewell in the center of the ring, removing the saddle and bridle, was the tribute to the horse. History. The one who used to rule in the squares. The horse, knowing what was happening there, felt good and it became difficult for him to get out of the ring.

afternoon of Leonardo Hernandez does not do justice to the result, because it was impossible for him to get out of it only because of the hideousness of death big door, Ring was well deserved, as his debut was late and at times erratic. You had to achieve a lot on your own ground and there was no rhythm in your attacks. The temper was complicated and the bullfighter from Extremadura got it ‘in love’ and most of all ‘Sunday’, in nearby land. The Banderillas moved from power to power, beating the opposing dragon. It was the work of an ear, but it was lost on the edge of capital punishment.

Something similar happened in the fifth, a bull that marks the interior land and what Leonardo He unleashed all his claws and potential as a rizonador created to solve an important task. the banderillas were vibrant ‘calimocho’ In the center of the ring, giving the bull plenty of distance, starting with the table. To come ‘zarope’ And even with that, strength to the lines. The bull complicated in the last third, overtook the horse, trailed heavily and pressed inside. It was difficult to kill.

hit a high note duarte fernandes In the afternoon of his choice, above all, in the sixth work. The Portuguese circled several banderilles of the purest conception, giving distance, entering the fortune with fortitude and composure, battering the opposing dragon and nailing it in the stirrups. It was Kahn’s job, but he was not successful with Steele. Furthermore, in a puncture, the Portuguese cut off his right hand, making an actual attempt to capture the executioner, whose execution was delayed by mistake. with the first, he had already shown duarte fernandes His pure concept of Rejoneo. He deserves to come back and be given fresh chances.

Celebration Tab:

Iron of Los Espartales - SpainIron by Carmen Lorenzo - SpainIron from El Capia - Spain

Bullying of sale (madrid), Tenth Festival of San Isidro. Pigtail’s first run. full. bulls of Los Espartales (first and fifth), Carmen Lorenzo (second, third and fourth) and El Capia (sixth), Well presented and uneven game. The second and the sixth, two large bulls, stood above all. Nice room too. Changing tempo and sometimes erratic third. First, elite. The fifth was more complicated.

, diego ventura, Two ears and one ear.

, Leonardo Hernandez, Ovation and ovation after notice.

, Duarte Fernandes, It showed substitutes, applause and silence after the two announcements.

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