Video: Ana Gabriel announces her retirement from the stage

Ana Gabriel, 67, considered “America’s Diva,” took advantage of her most recent concert in Los Angeles to announce her retirement from the stage.

The news shocked his followers and is already a trend in Latin America where the singer has shot to fame with songs like ‘Who’s Like You’, ‘Simply Friends’, ‘It’s Too Late’, ‘My Talisman’ .

“I want to tell you that I will be leaving the stage soon. It is not too far because I am tired and because I have the right to enjoy my family in another way,” she said at the full concert.

On the same stage, the singer was very upset because the public asked her to sing after talking about a march in Mexico in support of that country’s electoral institution.

“… put the CD in your house and you won’t hear me speak anymore,” she told him, visibly unwell.

He then used his Twitter account to apologize and maintain that the incident was “a difficult situation to be in as a human being and as a singer.”

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