VIDEO: Isabelle Maddo confesses whether she had sex in Big Brother: “Now it turns out they are all nuns”

who gave life brozo’s secretary Gained more popularity as a result of her participation in a controversial reality show, in which, in addition to establishing herself as one of the most daring participants of the time, she managed to establish herself as a sex symbol. notwithstanding the fact that the actions taken during the actuality, “elder brother“They weren’t as expensive as some of the media portrayed them in those days.

In fact, in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, elizabeth maddow She revealed that many people maligned her participation in a controversial reality show simply because she starred in a series of kisses next to an alien, as the two were independent people who went beyond what they ever saw on screen. Didn’t take your relationship for granted.

Well, although many can attest that the strongest scenes from said program could have been censored, the truth is that what was seen on television was indeed the strongest, as the participants knew they had to watch every episode. The time was being recorded and since then the society was not so open, they used to be not scandalous like the participants of programs like “Acapulco noise”.

“Strong things and they bet me because I put on a thong and went to Spain and kissed a Spaniard, well I was single, I was 25; they scammed me more than I really was but I did what I can tell you they made me look very bad. elizabeth maddow In “The Minute That Changed My Destiny”.

Curiously, during the interview he conducted with elizabeth maddow, Gustavo Adolfo Infante decided to emphasize the fact that the scandals in which the model allegedly starred had nothing to do with what could actually be seen on the screen. Nevertheless, and taking advantage of the venue, the entertainment journalist did not resist and questioned the call. “Mexican Marilyn Monroe” about whether he had sex inside the house elder brother,

In view of this, the producer of the now erotic content did not hesitate to clarify that the young man with whom she went out for a kiss in the famous scenes of the show was just a man she was being given the opportunity to meet and whose Together, no matter how many kisses he shared, he never decided to pursue their bond, which today is just a memory.

“No, no (there was no sex), ie there was joking and kissing and everything, well he was very handsome, I was alone in Spain, besides I didn’t think it was such a scam, now are we all nuns ? meadow,

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