Wandering Witch – The Journey of Elena manga ends in volume six

The sixth, final volume will be released in winter 2024.

© Itsuki Nanao, Square Enix

fifth volume of the anthology Itsuki Nanao‘S Wandering Witch – The Journey of Elena ,Majo no Tabitabi) adaptation of the manga (image right), Jogi ShirashiK.’s light novel series of the same title revealed on Tuesday that the manga will end with its sixth volume. The sixth and final volume will be released in winter 2024.

Nanao launches manga adaptation square Enix‘S Manga UP! app in November 2018.

square enix manga and books has licensed the series, and will publish the fourth volume of the manga in English on June 20. The company describes the story of the manga:

A tender and confusing tale of a young witch’s journey based on the best-selling light novel series.

Ever since she was a little girl reading books of magic and adventure, Ilana has dreamed of following in the footsteps of her childhood idol, the witcher Nick, and living a life of travel. Now a full-fledged witch herself, Ilana embarks on a journey without destination, wandering far and wide to see the world. With each new place she visits and each new person she meets, Ilana’s world gets a little richer.

Manga UP!s global app and site are also publishing the manga in English.

SB Creative Published first light novel in April 2016. The company will publish the 20th volume of the novel on March 14 and the 21st on October 13. Novel Series Ranked #9 in 2018 Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! list, and at #6 on the 2019 list.

yen press is publishing the light novel series in English, and will release volume 10 on March 21 and volume 11 on July 18.

The light novel inspired an anime adaptation, which premiered in October 2020. funimation Streamed the anime when it aired in Japan, and started streaming the English one strike In December 2020.

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