Jim Nantz Is Clear About His Views On Tom Brady's Divorce

Tom Brady's most memorable game since splitting from Gisele Bündchen was the Bucs-Rams game on Sunday.

However, CBS' Jim Nantz intends to strictly limit his coverage of the organization's feed to the on-field action because he needs to be "aware" of the GOAT.

The incredibly intelligent individual explained his plan of action to Jimmy Traina during a conversation on the "SI Media Digital broadcast."

Regarding Brady's incredibly public relationship woes, one person said: "I've watched the games and haven't really heard anybody address it."

That seems to me to be outside the scope of the game. His life is his own. Tom is a friend. I sincerely hope that everything goes well for him and his family.

I must be alert because I will be covering a football game there. 

Nantz went on to remark that even though he is aware that Brady brought up the subject on his "We should Go!" segment, Nantz is still against the idea.

Jim Dim doesn't think he wants to talk about digital recording with us, though. He also denies that it has been a factor in the seven-time Super Bowl champion's performance up to this point.

I have to be aware. Typically, people will say, "Kindly regard our security on this." It's terrible that so many people don't.

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