What is the original half meter? Three men dispute Grupo Milenio nickname

After the character of ‘Medio Metro’ went viral Thanks to his dance steps with Sound Pirate, the character’s surname is in dispute as three people assure who are the original ‘medio metro’, however, José Eduardo Rodríguez is the only one to have registered the character’s name.

on par with josé eduardo rodríguez two other men the one who bears the surname Jonathan Uriel Espinalthat works with sound pirate and Francisco ‘Pancho’ Perez Which claims to be the first ‘Media Metro’. Here we tell you the details of each of them and how did they come in public forum,

Half Metro and the Pirate Soundtrack | Specific

First ‘Medio Metro’, with a registered trademark, is José Eduardo Rodríguez, who announced on Tuesday, February 21 that they have already registered the name to acquire the rights to it. Jose Eduardo, went viral because of his dance steps with pirate sound,

However, shortly after achieving fame, he separated from his partner and Tonow works independently in television shows The program is accompanied by ‘hoy’ and is also hired to dance in clubs.

José Eduardo Rodríguez splits from Sonido Pirata and now works on his own

He Another man to dispute the nickname ‘Medio Metro’ Is Jonathan Uriel Espinalwho replaced Jose Eduardo when he announced his separation from Pirate Sonic.

This ‘Media Metro’ gained popularity with tiktok users and already participated in several Soundtrack with the entire team of Julian Ramirezbetter known as Pirate sounds, such as Cholondrina, La Pompis, Bocho And has gone on TV and wrestling matches.

Jonathan Uriel Espinal is the new ‘Medio Metro’ who works with Sonido Pirata

third and last character to conflict Nicknamed ‘Medio Metro’ Francisco ‘Pancho’ Perez And it came out in 2018. After the popular half meter appearance with Sonido Pirata, Many users started debating which of the two was the originalIf Francisco Pérez or José Eduardo Rodríguez.

However, it turned out The first ‘medeo metro’ that appeared on the scene was from Puebla, Pancho Pérez. Which went viral while dancing on which sound in 2018. This version of ‘Medio Metro’ will continue to perform in some programs Although it has not gone viral like the other two.


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