What Yordi Rosado said about Donkey Van Rankin’s dismissal

television host Yordi Rosado said goodbye to the program “Members on the Air”, which is broadcast every Thursday through Unicable, a subscription television channel produced by TelevisaUnivision. But opposite George “El Burro” Van Rankinalso a radio host he was not removed from that broadcast, but this was not his own decision, as he is preparing a new project on the aforementioned channel. Likewise, he has other works abroad, such as his program “Interview with Yordi Rosado” on his YouTube channel and his radio show on EXA FM.

In the final part of the final broadcast of “Mimbros al Aire”, yordi rosado He said he had an incredible time in “Mimbros al Aire” with his teammates Raúl “El Negro” Ariza, José Eduardo Derbez, Paul Stanley and others. “I’ve loved being here, it’s been a great platform, I’ll be back on a travel basis, but for now I want to thank the staff and members.”

Similarly, during his “Members on Air” farewell, Yordy Rosado throws a “stone” at his former partner “El Burro” Van Rankinmentioning that he was leaving the program, but that He will not do the controversial live broadcast to talk about his departure, “Just tell them very sweetly, that I’m not going to do any live work to say anything.”

It is noteworthy that the television host has made Live reference to what “El Burro” Van Rankin did to find out he was kicked out of “Mimbros al Aire”Allegedly without giving him an explanation and moreover, they gave him the news in one of the corridors of Televisa San Angel.

“It hurts me because I was the first one to do this program, that they say goodbye without knowing why, they don’t confront you, they don’t answer you, it’s strong, right? To the owners know. They kicked me out of the corridor of Televisa San Angel without giving me any explanation after 14 years.” where live “Donkey” Van Rankin created a lot of controversy.

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