What’s the advice for each zodiac sign that will help you this Wednesday, March 15 – Nueva Mujer

Angels and angels manifest themselves in many ways and at different times. Open your heart and let yourself be filled with the energy that they emit when you call upon them to thank you or to light your way.


archangel nathaniel

Don’t give up in the face of adversity and don’t be afraid if the road is full of stones, move forward with the determination that there are great things waiting for you in life. Ask the angel Nathaniel with faith to illuminate your every step.


Archangel Raphael

Let the time pass to make the right decision for you and you will see what was best to reconcile with your loved ones. Ask the angel Raphael to fill your heart with humility and generosity for help and understanding.


archangel metatron

New challenges await you which you will have to face with the same courage and love that you do. Ask the angel Metatron to continue the gift of power and wisdom.


archangel yerathel

You need peace and harmony in your life to be able to find your way and solve your emotional problems that are not letting you move forward. Angel Yeratheel guides you with his divine light.


Archangel Zadkiel

Past thoughts have trapped you, don’t be afraid to take action and be very firm in making decisions. Zadquiel is the angel who protects you so that you can move forward.


archangel chamuel

Whatever goodness life gives you, accept it with gratitude and humility and don’t let gossip and lies harm others. The angel Chamuel will be there to guide you on the path of forgiveness for those who have hurt you in the past.


archangel michael

Fear and resentment are two emotions that should come out of your heart. Seek understanding and forgiveness. Miguel is a mighty angel with the gift of wisdom, ask with faith.


archangel uriel

Do not lose your way and be firm in the decisions you must make in order to achieve peace and tranquility for your family. Ask Uriel to illuminate you with his divine light to walk that path.


Archangel Haniel

Love comes in the form of a force to heal you and make you feel that the wait was worth it. May Angel Hanil bless the new path you are on and give you hope.


Archangel Sandalphon

There are decisions that are very difficult to make, but necessary. You should act wisely and understand that it will not be easy for others to assimilate. The angel Sandalphon guides you and gives you the wisdom to help and succeed.

Fish house

archangel raguel

There are opportunities that you should not miss, which are vital to achieving success. The angel Raguel is there to guide you, but also so that you do not lose the path of humility.


archangel gabriel

Cast out the feelings of hatred and resentment from your life and fill yourself with the patience to understand that to err is human. Your guardian angel Gabriel covers you with kindness and love to help you.

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