Will they be able to recognize your voice? Lennon John Gets Fulfilled On His Second Chance

Lennon ‘is about to live a unique moment’the voice kids, The talent already knows the stage of the show and gets to know the coaches as she is the only talent who has the opportunity to repeat her audition.

A few weeks ago, the talent tried to win over the coaches with an Aerosmith song, but none of them turned their chairs. The four of them decide that he is the person who will get a second chance, a choice they can only make once during all auditions.

His second chance arrives and Lennon wants to make the most of it. On this occasion, Pratibha has sung an AC/DC song and received a full audience.

sebastian travel He quickly recognized his voice and pressed the button. rosario, bisbal And to give They too have turned around with their performance. You got it right!

The four tried to persuade him to join their team, but he could only keep one. Lennon decided to go straight to Sebastian Yatra’s team and how much the artist enjoyed it. You are already inside ‘La Voz Kids’!

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