‘You’ Fans Prepare To Wage War As Season 4 Deliberately Leaves A Pressing Mystery Unsolved

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers You season four.

It’s safe to say how many people were able to predict You The endgame of season four, its second part managed to really delight its fans with its shocking revelations. Was this Rhys really just a figment of Jo’s imagination or was Marianne really surviving her ex-lover’s killing spree, it landed when one smooth twist after another, neatly wrapping up her loose ends.. Or did?

What on earth did Joe tell Lady Phoebe in her drunken or perhaps Rhys-infused haze that she was impressed with the pseudo-professor, saw him as an immediate ally, and even made him a permanent member of their elite circle? Have you made a form as well? In part two, Phoebe’s life goes on a rollercoaster as she navigates the terrifying pitfalls of her tendency to please people and finally finds the peace she has been searching for for ages. But amid all this turmoil, what gave her the answer that fateful night remains a mystery.

While the jury is still out on whether this was a deliberate decision or a question that was conveniently overlooked, fans of the show No Glad Netflix is ​​leaving them with a mystery that has the potential to keep them awake at night, especially since season five hasn’t been greenlit yet.

What Phoebe said was, by her own admission, rather enlightening and immediately got her a ticket to the snooty rich club. So what was stopping the series from sharing those pearls of wisdom with the rest of the class?

The season kept coming back to what Joe said to Phoebe in the first episode, so fans are hoping that this mystery will finally be resolved. But if it doesn’t, a fictional killer-hunter would pale in the face of the fandom’s justified anger.

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