You Won’t Believe What Ricardo Velez, “Mario Calderon” Looks Like Today In “I’m Betty, The Ugly One”

“I Am Betty, La Fea” is undoubtedly one of the most successful soap operas in Latin America. Even in the United States it is called “Ugly Betty”, but it did not have the same success as the production starring Ana Maria Orozco.

One of the main characters”i am betty the uglyMario Calderón was the best friend of Don Armando Mendoza, played by actor Ricardo Velez.

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Ricardo Velez is currently 59 years old, and in “I Am Betty, the Ugly” he was not only Armando’s best friend and confidante, but he was also the financial vice president of the Icomoda Company.

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Mario Calderón’s character is the one who helps Armando fall in love BettyBut this “help” hides a sinister plan to become even more powerful.

on several occasions Ricardo Velez He assured that he was about to give up his dream of being an actor in order to study mathematics, his other passion. He currently sports gray hair (his remembered blonde hair was left behind), and continues to work as an actor.

He appeared in soap operas and in 2018 in films such as “Trial Period”, “Los Reyes”, “La Betrayal”, “Nurse”. Not many people know that Ricardo Velez is a Colombian-British actor and he also participated in productions for BBC in London and Antena 3 in Spain. His last recorded works are “Hidden Truth” where he plays Augusto Motta and “Operación Pacifico” where he puts himself in the shoes of attorney Eugenio Galarza.

apart from Ricardo Velez He lived in Argentina for 2 years with Jennifer Calderón, who is 19 years younger than the actor, with whom he has a daughter.

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