Young Sheldon’s parents talked, [Spoiler] runs away from home

Singing “Soft Kitty” won’t heal the Cooper family’s deep wounds.

during thursday young sheldon, Mary and George openly discuss the state of their marriage and their respective crushes. Mary confesses to her husband that she lights up whenever she sees Pastor Rob, but swears that nothing is, and will never be. Desire, sometimes happens between them. George also vowed that he would never cross that line again (hmm…), but went silent as soon as his wife asked if he liked being around Brenda.

“what happens now?” Mary asked.

“I don’t know,” replied George.

Until they figure it out, Marie intends to stay with Meemaw, who welcomed her daughter with open arms. Meanwhile, George decides to drown his sorrows in beer – an unfortunate, if predictable, outcome for the man of the house; Ancestor big bang theory predicted that Sheldon’s father would become an alcoholic in the last years of his life.

Our main concern at this time is the well-being of Sheldon’s twin sister, Missy. She expresses her frustration about forgetting to pick up Georgie from school and not being sure she is at the hospital for the birth of Georgie and Mandy’s daughter. Desperate for attention, the 13-year-old talked back to her teacher and got herself sent home from school. Later, she reprimands her parents for not only ignoring her in the midst of their marital strife, but also for always making Sheldon a priority. Watching Mary console her twin brother about the dead-on-arrival database was the last straw for the ultimately rebellious teen, who packed a bag, stole the keys to George’s pickup, and drove off in the middle of the night — a The cliffhanger we won’t see resolved until the next original episode airs on Thursday, March 30.

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