Yu Minamoto finished the Ninja Akabane manga

Manga about an office worker assigned to a division full of cute modern ninjas launched in 2019

© Yu Minamoto, Akita Shoten

Yu Minamoto published the last chapter of haken no ninja akabane (temporary ninja akabane) manga ongoing akita shotenManga Cross website on Mondays.

The manga centers on Yutaka Irodori, a salaryman who is transferred to a dead-end division of his confectionery sweets company, named “Akabane Division” after his division head. When Yutaka goes there, he finds that all the temporary office workers there are beautiful women, and there are also modern-day ninjas, including the daughter of division head Akane Akabane. Yutaka soon finds himself being manipulated and toyed with by Akane and the rest of the women.

Minamoto launched the manga in July 2019 at Manga Cross. akita shoten In June 2022 published the third anthology book volume of the manga.

tokyopop minamoto published Samurai Harem: Asu no Yoichi manga in north america, while sentai filmworks And section 23 movies Issued Asu no Yoichi! Anime. Minamoto and bamboo blade Author Masahiro Totsuka launched them Haru Polish manga about a high-school girl in a sword-fighting club akita shoten‘S monthly shonen champion magazine in 2011, and ended it in November 2012.

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